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We are a RESPAWN and DECK CAMPING guild

If you think you are good at camping and have no moral problems with doing
so, you may join CAMPU and display your tastes for destruction by wearing
this tag at the end of your name:
Soon we will have a COOL LOOKING WEBPAGE and ELITE SPAWN CAMPING STRATEGIES (scroll down!@!!@!) All members of CAMPU get free EMAIL at YOURNAME@CAMPU.ORG
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We have some neat stuff hosted here which you should check out. in noparticularorder there is

the dTa spy guild

(they throw gas in respawns) CLAN CAQ (you don't EVEN wana see these guys all try to camp a spawn at once) (RTS was better) <TheRealPinkEngy> because all d is in rts is: build, get camped, build, get spammed, build,get camped again, get bitched out

Plexi's megatf map design

(USE DETPACKS) guhm's webpage (scroll down to see some of his work) Also hosted here:

Infinity MegaTF Help and Installer Project

hohoho, now you can download and play quake too! Yes its free.

Come camp with us!

Infinity's download link is broken. So get it here instead. Also give EQuake a try.
-----------------STRATEGYS----------- To take out lots of ppl in a spawn room at once you can spam mirvs. The problem with spamming mirvs is you usualy die. Unless of course you know how to do it correctly. Below is a diagram of where to throw your mirvs, in order, and then where to stand. |--------|----|--------| | T | While you are standing in the | 1 3 | door you are vulnerable to attack | | and counter spam, so it is important | | to keep firing /w whatever weapon | 2 4 | you might have strait at the door | T | across from you (the one ppl come |-|----|-| |--------| out of). | | | | | | | X | If you are hwguy, use the AC cannon to | | |----|-| keep the fire on the door, not the 20mm. | You should place any traps you have in | front of doors (designated by 'T'). Try ___________ to get them in the dead center of the doors, because rarly does anyone come in any way but dead center. ----------- | It is good policy to chuck an occational | grenade directly in front of either of those | two doors, just on the chance that someone might be coming through. You will waste grenades a lot, but when it does work you will be glad you killed them as they were walking in instead of after they took a few pot shots at you. Be carefull to stand in a corner far away from the grenade you are throwing, spawn rooms are small and it is very easy to accidently grenade yourself. Remember: health is rare while in an enemy spawn, be carefull with it. While waiting for people to enter the spawn, you should situate yourself against the right hand side wall, slightly to the back of the spawn (where the grenades are kept on biscuit). This position keeps the door leading from the rr area in a viewable, easy to fire apon position which you can grenade without hurting yourself. People coming through this door are typicaly more dangerous than those coming in from the rear respawn area. People coming from the rear respawn area have no armor and die quickly. Shoot them in the back or side before they notice you. It is a safe bet that they will dive for armor or health or packs. Fortunatly all three are located in more or less the same location in the spawn room, so make sure you toss a grenade or two in that direction before they dive for it. Make it land right behind the pack or behind the armor so its not obvious. On the note of hiding, laying is typicaly a good idea. You can lay behind the tall rockets and grenades and suprise people. Suprise is important. Randomly fire on doors, sometimes someone will walk through just as your shot goes off. Change class from time to time. If you start getting owned as hwguy, go spy and gas spam their asses. If it gets to the point where you cant get into their spawn room for a while, lay off and go cap or something. In about 5 minutes the enemy will stop defending their spawn and go about the game like normal. Then you can go back to camping. repeat. Gas is powerfull. Use it. Sentries are better, but require fellow campers to cover you while you build. Guns are best built along the same right hand side wall (gren wall in biscuit) which i recommend you stand along. Resuply. Armor is more important than health. Look at a hwguy. If you have 35h and 1 armor, and you have a choice of diving for health or armor, get the armor. On the flipside, keep the enemy away from the armor. If you are forced to duel a person, make sure you circle around so that _you_ are standing on the health/armor side of the spawnroom.


if you got some impressive camping skills you wana show off --------->SEND MEE JOO SS'S AND DEMOS AND!



harharhar Here is what wdr says on their webpage about the rts vs wdr match: On the next map 32SMOTHL WDR was subjected to completely dishonorable and unnecessary respawn attacks by a couple members of RTS. Again, not all members of RTS did this and because we all have friends in RTS I don't want to insult those that did not resort to this tactic. Unfortunately two players that I am aware of did aggressively attack our respawns. It was a completely uncalled for tactic and RTS would have easily won the match without resorting to it. ]RTS[guhm was the primary offender with some assistance from ]RTS[Akatosh. Guhm repeatedly attacked our respawn rooms and spammed them with gas. On a few occassions he actually entered our respawn. The is respawn camping in its lamest form. One time a few of us respawned to an enemy sentry gun built by Akatosh. It really doesn't get much lamer than that. I do want to mention that a number of RTS members have apologized for their actions or the actions of the clanmates. Guhm apologized to me in IRC following the match. My personal feeling is that guhm, being an ex-WDR member knew WDR's stance on such tactics and had no need to lame us this way. All he did in the end is make himself and his clan look bad. He apologized but really he shouldn't do things in a match that he has to apologize for after the fact. I hope he will consider this in the future and restrict himself to only clean play. Also Akatosh was very fun and friendly in chat, so I guess he choose to build a gun in our respawn more as a joke than an attack. CONCLUSION Bottom line, RTS was better prepared and played at an overall higher skill level than did WDR. They would have found a closer game and probably a funner game had they not resorted to the map exploits on EWG3. On 32SMOTHL we were very unprepared. Despite the clear RTS victory obvious early on in the match some members of RTS continually attacked our respawns. This is unexcusable. Since RTS is in the TPL we will meet again. I hope that RTS will choose to play any future matches cleanly.


Here's a few tips on SENTRY CAMPING on 2f5 from PersoN: ------------------------ OK first off, my strat is better than Akatosh's :) Secondly this thing is for 2f5 Now, if you wanna be successful at camping, you'll need to hang around the top spiral and the little net looking thing so you can see anyone that spawns there OR someone that took the ramp room to get to the basement and then went up the spirals to try and kill your sentry Now you'll want to position your sentry so it can see down the top spiral AND have enough space between the wall so you can get behind it and repair it. Your mag mine will go in the Ramp Room on top of the straight ramp, so drop your mag where the ramp ends on the second floor. As for the dispenser, if you built your sentry properly you should have plenty of room to build your dispenser in the corner right next to your sentry for easy cell withdrawl As for grenades go, you'll want to us them sparingly, meaning don't spam them! Save those grens for when someone is strafing the walls to avoid your sentry's fire or something like that, throw your EmPs at people who poke their head out the the respawn and shoot at you, and use your normal grenades at people strafing in and out of a wall space (Like the path leading to the sniper deck, ramp room, sprials, or that net thing). ----------------------------------------------------------------

righto Also I managed to con guhm out of his 32s technique that produced that most excellent ss seen a page or two up

says guhm, the gas god: <Akatosh> gimme some spy camping strategies for <guhm> aka <guhm> use my 32s mooth one <guhm> feign in front of enemy door <Tallas> hehe <Akatosh> where do you throw the gas in 32s so it covers the whole spawn? <guhm> it opens <guhm> go in and gas <guhm> yes <Akatosh> i try it and i miss spots <guhm> make sure to gas entired spawn <Akatosh> and ppl spawn in my missed spots and kill me <guhm> get all over <guhm> stay on the health box too <guhm> and ammo <guhm> put your back to it <guhm> and kinda ruuuuub <guhm> keep flinging <guhm> never stop flinging <guhm> cover tehd oorway too <guhm> get all that? Akatosh nods <guhm> ok <Akatosh> any disguising, fiegns <Akatosh> ? <Akatosh> traps <Akatosh> ? <Akatosh> where do traps go <guhm> nope <guhm> not for gas atatck <guhm> just worry about covering all of respawn <guhm> in gas <guhm> if anything is flung in through door <guhm> wel <guhm> you know <guhm> hide <guhm> ehhe <Akatosh> ok <guhm> never stop flinging <guhm> you can mix in some grens too <Tallas> omg


I found this on biscuit board. I think this needs to be posted here because, well, its so so true :P ... the issue of an engineer building in or near the enemy base. Personally? If the enemy engy or engies in question are good enough to set up disps / pick up enough ammo to get a gun going while all hell is going loose underfoot, then I would probably bust a gut laughing at the incompetence of my team and / or the amazing skill of the engineers in question. I can't see being annoyed at something so rare, it would be more like a moment to treasure. =P Hell, I can count on one hand the number of times I've see it happen in a pub and EVERY SINGLE TIME was when one team was a.) all defense b.) outnumbered c.) pathetically disorganized or inept. I've never ever ever seen equally matched teams with an engineer building far from home, because any smart engineer knows that the time he wastes setting up outside is giving the enemy a 2-and-a-half man power play on his flag. (i.e. the eng is worth half a player and the sentry is worth 2 players.) -- F/X( )NE ------------------------ V4A vs Clan Q Final Score:

2390 - 14

New leage, new rules.

Camping is back folks. Here's some choice quotes from the aftermath <bastid> [22:56] <Kobe> i asked fox <bastid> [22:56] <Q_cHROMe_Z[L]> no it wasnt durin pm <bastid> [22:56] <Q_cHROMe_Z[L]> it was 10 min into game <bastid> [22:56] <Kobe> he said there's no rule against camping or going into enemy's respawn <bastid> [23:02] <bastid> guys i want to make a public appology <bastid> [23:02] *** bigbird is now known as Frosty <bastid> [23:02] <bastid> I am sorry for camping your main resup. <bastid> [23:03] <bastid> After 10 minutes of play Discontuined camping. <bastid> [23:03] *** Frosty is now known as BigBird <bastid> [23:03] <bastid> and resumed as other positoins/classes <bastid> [23:03] <bastid> I hope you all will accept my appology <{V4A}Aftershock-DS> <zero[sleep]> u wanna know why i didnt accept? its the fact that i used to have more respect for v4a than infinity and potr combined and it justb disapointed me <Hessian> We can't help it if 6 of your guys dropped mid way, we held strong through the lag which was on YOUR server. <Hessian> The least you can do is spare us the whining about our camping, which really didn't effect you that much. <Hessian> Likewise, he even had the decency to apologize for it. <Hessian> But, you? No no, you don't hold back, even after an unnecessary apoology. <Hessian> For that, I look down on clanQ for not having the common decency to accept one little apology. <Hessian> Thank you and good fucking night. <akaaway> anyone from q here <akaaway> be glad i wasnt there <akaaway> cause bastid as a camper? aint nothin compared to what i woulda done to ya <[BEL]Curly> well aren't you the treat of the week <davey> and we wonder why there are no new clans coming up <Hessian> Why? <davey> maybe because they play one match and see how they're really played <davey> and figure what's the point ------------------------------------- SAW THIS ON THE BISCUIT BOARD There should be a rule against camping the enemy deck constantly as HWGUY... this guy named uglyduckling was pissing me off so much. anyways, campers like that are lower in my mind than autoaimers, so uglyduckling, if you're reading this, go to hell. --sedrick If anyone runs into this guy playing, you know what to do!@! (btw his alias is achilles)

the point of this game is to use ingeneuity and skill to persevere through hardships -- mcgruff

I stole this picture from Raus, it needs to be here.
not two hours after i put that last picture up, i got sent this, it needs to be here too :P <Pred> whoever made the picture <Pred> is bitching <Pred> they mustve been really annoyed <Pred> to make that picture <Pred> =P <Pred> "GD, I CANT EVEN GET OUT MY F'IN RESPAWN"
   <TheMak> Every post on camping, chasing, or spam    should be deleted. Every pub or pug you have    2-3 idiots whining about spam like they are new to MegaTF....really quit    being pussies and shut the fuck up. <sedrick> because pugs are a mixture of a few things...assholes, stupidity, spam, chasing, camping, shit talking, and lamers <sedrick> less camping/spamming newbies with no skill but a low ping <guhm> less camping? <guhm> hwgays flooding the nest is less camping? <ToRoKoKiLL> I would've won that pug if it was for a fucking camping hwguy <b|Zen> do I pick you? <p_tal> yea <p_tal> you better <p_tal> or i'm going to camp you

<Hessian> Campu or bust! <guhm> CAMPU MOTHAFUCKA

<Curly-G-CradleRock> damn campers <snails> spawncampimon